Payoneer blocked me from reciving payment from another payoneer?

I didnt recive any email about this and i dont know why i got blocked from reciving money?
I contact them via LiveChat they cannot tell me why ? Is this real or what? Payoneer blocking people without telling them why they are blocked.


  • igormkd94igormkd94 Posts: 4Member
    This is crazy, i'm using payoneer 1 year and never had any problems any troubles but now when i was needed to recive money i saw that im blocked? No e-mail nottification, nothing and livechat dont tell anything ????
  • igormkd94igormkd94 Posts: 4Member
    Okay the destiny with payoneer is finished, thanks payoneer for make trouble to me and stole my money also blocked me from reciving money from payoneer > payoneer i asked you via phone calll which take 25 minutes and high call cost also i get answer "we dont know why and we cannot see why you are blocked we know that you can only recive global payments" ? Funny. Thats how payoneer threat his customers they dont give a fuck about anything, they block and dont answer.
  • OlyrayOlyray Posts: 1Member
    Are you a Nigerian? It seems they're targeting Nigerians.
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