Payoneer blocked me from reciving payment from another payoneer?

I didnt recive any email about this and i dont know why i got blocked from reciving money?
I contact them via LiveChat they cannot tell me why ? Is this real or what? Payoneer blocking people without telling them why they are blocked.


  • igormkd94igormkd94 Posts: 7Member
    This is crazy, i'm using payoneer 1 year and never had any problems any troubles but now when i was needed to recive money i saw that im blocked? No e-mail nottification, nothing and livechat dont tell anything ????
  • igormkd94igormkd94 Posts: 7Member
    Okay the destiny with payoneer is finished, thanks payoneer for make trouble to me and stole my money also blocked me from reciving money from payoneer > payoneer i asked you via phone calll which take 25 minutes and high call cost also i get answer "we dont know why and we cannot see why you are blocked we know that you can only recive global payments" ? Funny. Thats how payoneer threat his customers they dont give a fuck about anything, they block and dont answer.
  • OlyrayOlyray Posts: 1Member
    Are you a Nigerian? It seems they're targeting Nigerians.
  • igormkd94igormkd94 Posts: 7Member
    Nope im from Europe and im not Nigerian.
    Almost 4 months are gone and payoneer still didnt answer me anything.
  • igormkd94igormkd94 Posts: 7Member
    1 year is gone :) No answer from payoeer
  • koko3koko3 Posts: 3Member
    I can't log into my payoneer account. My account is blocked without showing any reason to me. Few day ago my account showing USD and blocked. Nobody informed me about that. I wanted to log into my account and I can not. I can't withdraw money from the ATM because the ATM rejects the card as unknown and asks me to contact the payoneer. Live chat doesn't work. The email response seems automated. They don't give me detailed answers and reasons. Is over 3000 dollars on my payoneer account I have no access. I am on payoneer for 3 years and they have no respect for the client. This is a big scam! Payoneer give me back my money!
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