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Account blocked

atproj Member Posts: 2
3 weeks ago I registered in Payoneer. I want to use Payoneer to money transfer from my clients to me.
But firstly I thought to test payment system. I transferred s small amount of money equivalent 50 usd in euro. I waited for receiving money for 5 days.
So, I met first problem I can't to withdraw less than 50 euro.
Then I transfered second payment. In this case it will take for 3 days.
I added my bank account, according to rules of Payoneer it should be registered on the same name. Also I added photo of my password and some information about future payments.
Then I tried to withdraw money. I used mobile application where I should to input my password each time to open application.
So, I loged in to application using password, I selected withdraw method to my bank account which Payoneer accepted before. But when I tried to complete this operation, Payoneer tried to confirmation my identity. For the first question I answered corrected, about second question - oldest siblings, I didn't answered corrected, because in different languages this name is written in different ways. So my account was blocked.
I tried to contact to customer service via chat, but in this way I should be logged in, but I can't because my account is blocked. I sent email. But I didn't recieve any response. I sent message via facebook. On the next day manager sent me a message via facebook and initialzed process of unblocking. Customer support service requested from me some information about me, I sent and in 4 hours I recieved new email:
"I have to use temporary password, which was sent in email, to access my account."
But I didn't find any password in the current email and didn't receive additional email with password. I sent email with question - where is password. No response. It was yesterday. Today I called again to customer service, there is manager told me that should recieve email with password. But she can't understand about yesterdays email with temporary password. I decided that it was a joke from Payoneer.
Then I again sent message via Facebook - No response.
Then I sent new email to customer service - No response.
So, for three weeks I can use correctly Payoneer service.
As a result, I have blocked account with my money, any person from customer service can't to help me or explain when its to solve this problem!
Anyone know what can I do in this situation?
Such support is standard for Payoneer? Is better to close my account?