I haven't received the email.

ChrisChrisChrisChris Posts: 4Member
My account was approved but there is no email about issuing my card. Does Payneer cancel the card shipping upon approval? Thanks.

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  • ChrisChrisChrisChris Posts: 4Member
    Thanks for helping me. So if I need to order a card, I need to have 100 dollars in my account but not from online payment, right? What else do I need to do?
    And what else should I need to pay attention to( Like not from other Payoneer account)?
    Could I receive 100USD payments from others to order a card?
    Thank you very much.
  • ChrisChrisChrisChris Posts: 4Member
    Thanks for replying me. I still have a question. When I choose a GBT card, it displays that I need 40USD payment to receive in order to buy it. So I need 40USD to start to order?
  • ChrisChrisChrisChris Posts: 4Member
    Sorry, I mean that I need a USD card but I may need another card to pay. Last time I thought I might start from a GBT card but I need to receive the payments first.
    If I ask someone to send 40USD by requesting them, and they pay through PayPal, does that count? Because I need to receive the payment to order a card.
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