I am new here, just got registered and made first payment to one of your members, and you block me?

mrno5 Member Posts: 1
My first experience with payoneer is really bad. I signed up because one of my freelancers convinced me to use this service. So they sent me an invoice over email which I payed and at same time I created an account on the website so I do not have to guest pay in future.

My payment was approved, I am registered company in country in north Europe. I got confirmation emails about this.

First thing that I noticed I did not get a real invoice over the email, which they should have sent me, no problems I think I will login to my account on the site it must be there.

So I try to login and I manage to get to a page that has two sidbars, left and right sidbar and the content of the page shows 3 dots that are loading, it goes on like this forever so I try to refresh the page and then I get

access denied.

So it seems for whatever reason their system has blocked a new user, a company user who wants to use the system to pay their freelancer.

So my freelancer tries to contact them over chat since I cant do even that I get access denied for that as well. It does not help, they want to talk directly to me and give my freelancer a phone number I should call in USA

I call the number in usa, wait 15 minutes and finally I am number 1 in line, then they cut me off and automatical voice says something like: "We are so sorry to have missed your call, leave us a message and we will try to get back to you in one business day. So I try to speak and leave a message, I speak for 20 seconds and automatic voice cuts me off again and I just say what the fuck and then put the phone down."

I cant even call them, it seems they are not even interested to hear what problem I have.

Its really shity first experience and I will try to get my freelancers off this platform unless I recieve some fast help.

Never in my history of being on internet in last 20 years have I had access to whole website blocked, not just account area after paying them my money. Never, such amateurs!

Now if somebody in support is reading this, what can you do to help me fix this? If support is not reading this, then I will try to get my freelancers off this god damn platform!