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Please help me to withdraw my money

mel Member Posts: 1
I received a email saying that payoneer has issued a new card to me and it will
arrive between 23rd March and 02th April. But it didn't arrive.
And I found that there is a link in my payoneer account saying "Haven't receive your card yet?
click here" I think if I click this it will send me another card. So do I need to
wait few more days before going to that option?

Also I have some money in
But I didn't transfer that to payoneer because I thought to activate the card first.
But now it seems like it takes long time than I expected. However I found that there is a
bank withdrawal option in payoneer. So if I transfer the money from fiverr to payoneer,
will I able to withdraw to a bank account even before activate my card?
Or do I need to activate my card, to withdraw the money to bank account? Is there any connection between this
two methods?

Thanks in advance


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    Hi @mel Yes you do need to activate the card before being able to withdraw to your bank account. However, i suggest you directly contact our support in order to verify what can be done in order to better assist.