I read some articles who provides different signup bonus ($25/ $35/ $50), which is correct?

amfahadamfahad Member Posts: 2
I have 2 query -
*After reading some articles i noticed different referral bonuses ($25/ $35/ $50).
*And some articles mention that the bonus is given after loading different amounts, Like- $100 or $1000 !
I would like to know about this issue clearly. Please Help me.
Thank you.


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    @amfahad , Its not an issue, The amount that count toward the requirement to win the reward, as well as the amount of the bonus depends of the program you registered through.

  • amfahadamfahad Member Posts: 2
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    Ok.. But some article says, Receiving $100 will give $25 bonus and some say it will be given after receive 1000 dollar !
    Which is correct?

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    It really depends of the promotion, some promotion are related to some companies we work in partnership with, and some others to the different markets.

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