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Need help with some questions about Payoneer!

Sillychainsaw Member Posts: 1

I am new here and I'm trying to sing up for Payoneer but I have some questions.
1. Does Payoneer work with Visa?
2. I have a Visa Electron but when i try to sing up in the last part it asks me for SWIFT/BIC and IBAN, but I don't have those nor do I know if this type of card has those numbers? I will also go to the bank and ask for that information.
3. If Visa Electron doesn't have SWIFT/BIC and IBAN that means I will need to open a new card, what type of card do I open to get those numbers: Credit, Debit, Business card or some other type?
4. Does the new card need to be Visa, MasterCard or some other type to be compatible with Payoneer?
5. Anything else I should do or is that everything?

Thank you, and forgive my lack of knowledge. I never had to use cards until recently :smile:


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    You cannot use your via or credit card, you have to enter the details of your local bank account. The reason is because when receiving payments to Payoneer, you can withdraw them to your local bank account.

    We do provide a card once you start being active in receiving payments, the card is an additional way to access your earnings.

    Payoneer is a payment solution and has been created to assist freelancers and companies in receiving cross border payments.