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Account Login Trouble - Payoneer sent the password recovery email to another email id (not mine!)

I had an account on Payoneer in which I could log in perfectly fine for a month until the day came when I wanted to upload mt W8 form and cash out.

Suddenly, Payoneer would not accept my password as the correct one (even though I am pretty sure I entered the correct password)
So I asked for a password recovery email.

For some strange reason, Payoneer sent the password recovery email to SOMEONE ELSE'S EMAIL ID... not my id!

I have written emails to Payoneer's support team but it's been a week and I haven't heard anything from them.
This is really worrying me.

Today I registered for this community and they already had my picture on file... that means, they have some record of me connected to my email id, so why wouldn't they log me in or help me recover my password.

Anyway, I need access to my Payoneer account again because my payments are waiting there.