Missing "Send payment request" button.

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Hi , The "Send payment request" in my accout is missing. It was there before i remember using it to test.I cleared cache , logged in on incognito mode , via mobile app but i still can't see. My friend have it so i think its not the issue of my country . Further more there is a order card link in right side of the menu while my card is valid till 2021 .


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    Due to operational considerations, some changes were made to ensure we can provide the highest standard of customer experience to users of the Billing Service. The service is open to everyone, but you must first receive $5,000 in payments from mass payout companies, or the Global Payment Service in order to gain access.

    If you wish to get paid from freelancers located in Europe, you can do so by providing your EU payment details to your client. The details can be found on your online account under the menu “receive”, choose “Global Payment Details”, then choose the EUR payment details.

    Another option would be to get paid by an affiliate, freelancer or developer platform;
    Payoneer works in partnership with thousands of companies meaning that those companies offer Payoneer as a payment option. They can be directly linked to Payoneer for the funds to be directly transferred to your account as soon as you transfer it from the company.

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