Is Payoneer a solution for Etsy/Printful integration?

Can I use Payoneer to be accepted by Etsy/Printful,
since my country is not eligible?

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  • valeriacoravaleriacora Posts: 2Member
    edited April 2018
    @Cristale_Payoneer But how Etsy doesn't allow to do this, because of the country I live, which is different from the country of Payoneer's bank account (US). What is the solution?
  • Cristale_PayoneerCristale_Payoneer Posts: 1,262Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @valeriacora I recommend you directly contact our support center in order to provide them with the error message you received because there shouldn't be any issue of that kind.

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