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Hi all

I am trying to reach the customer service now 3 days, in Friday, Monday and Today, but there is no live chat
option available. I am in the CEST time zone, this means that now it is 9:55 AM and in EST time is 3:55 AM which is clearly stated that the live chat should be available.

I do have a problem, this is the second time my funds got cancelled from the Global Payment Service.

I have sent all the necessary documents, and filled up all the forms, when firstly my funds got cancelled
I did reach the customer service by Live Chat, and they did provided me an email where I sent the National ID card, and said that this issue will be resolved, but that did happened again.

Can someone help out.


  • arif65arif65 Member Posts: 7
    @gentios You should try through social media for speedy support. Try through Payoneer Facebook Page.
  • Serverxr97Serverxr97 Member Posts: 3
  • Serverxr97Serverxr97 Member Posts: 3
    When I tried to contact Payoneer support through live chat but, I am seeing only the message us option why?
  • dominikkledzinskidominikkledzinski Member Posts: 6
    because there is no support live, its yikes as f
  • PetermPeterm Member Posts: 1
    How do I contact an actual person without just receiving automated emails and then checking my requests as "resolved"?
  • PetermPeterm Member Posts: 1
    As the title says, how do I actually contact a real live person from support instead of just receiving automated emails that don't even come close to answering my requests?
  • shehlabanoshehlabano Member Posts: 1
    > @arif65 said:
    > @gentios You should try through social media for speedy support. Try through Payoneer Facebook Page.

    It's not working

    I have tried with twitter and instagram too but no response at all
  • Rabeya_Begum01Rabeya_Begum01 Member Posts: 1
    The same problem my account Chat option did not found
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