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Bank withdrawal over 21 days still didnt receive funds

mmffrooq Member Posts: 2
edited April 2018 in Payoneer in Pakistan

I requested bank withdrawal on 5th april and i still havnt received funds in my bank.

I have been in touch with customer support and they are telling that your case is on high 21 days have been passed and this is high priority i am getting, payoneer customer care told me that they have asked their bank for a trace of payment and today i again talked to my bank and they said it would take 5 minutes to trace a payment. Not sure why payoneer's bank is not able to trace funds after all these days, Now I simply regret using payoneer for big transactions. Let me know Nissim if you can take care of this or it will take forever to get this case resolved. Thanks


  • mmffrooq
    mmffrooq Member Posts: 2
    Useless one here for a response...
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    @mmffrooq We understand that your funds did not reach your bank account and apologize for the inconvenience. The best way to handle this issue is to directly contact support in order for the team that handles those issue to begin investigating the delay. This delay may happen because of different reasons such as, wrong bank account details, miscommunication between the banks etc...

  • ammpaktulip
    ammpaktulip Member Posts: 3
    Not a satisfactory answer
  • tariq4422
    tariq4422 Member Posts: 7
    Same problem

    22 days ---

    I withdraw funds to my Bank account On 18-Jul-2018 (630usd) .

    Transaction ID : 83786859

    Transfer ID : 4366182205797541
    Transfer amount : 79305.03 PKR ( 630usd )

    Today Date is : 9-AUG-2018

    Still I have not received any amount in my bank account .

    You provided me :

    1) MT103 fORM
    2) Transfer confirmation Pdf


    I Contacted with you 10 times on Live chat and On emails .

    I provided to bank the MT103 FORM AND Transfer confirmation pdf to
    to bank person locally .

    They replied me they are unable to Trace the Funds . you need to contact
    with Sender .

    Bank person let me know that sender of the funds should needs to
    register a complain against bank .


    Let me know what i do now ? Where are my funds ?

    Please Cancel the Transaction and add funds again in my payoneer account .

    You are the responsible of my Funds i should needs funds within 2 days.
  • aamirhacker
    aamirhacker Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    @mmffrooq said:
    Useless one here for a response...

    Problem solved, dear brother?