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Recieving Affiliate Payment From Amazon

zen99 Member Posts: 3
Hi Payoneer,

Amazon Associate has recently made payments to me using EFT but failed.
In my Payoneer account, there is a payment recieved from Amazon but the amount is $0.

I want to recieve affiliate payment from Amazon using Global Payment Service.
How to solve this problem?


  • zen99
    zen99 Member Posts: 3
    Under Global Payment Service, I can see USD, EUR, GBP and JPY

    I signed up Payoneer to recieve Amazon affiliate payment (didn't apply Payoneer card)

    I entered the required US bank details such as bank name, routing , account type and number...

    On 30 April, I recieved this automated email from Amazon when they unable to pay me:

    Dear Amazon Associate,

    We have recently made payments to Associates for the advertising fees earned in the program during the month of February 2018. However, we were unable to pay you because of one of the following reasons:
    * Preferred method for receiving payment (eg; EFT, Check or Gift Card) was not indicated
    * EFT was indicated but a previous disbursement into your bank account failed
    * You have not completed mandatory tax interview or tax information needs to be updated.
    * We will not be able to pay you if you indicated while taking the tax information interview that you provide your services both inside and outside the United States. This means that you are physically present inside the United States for part, but not all, of the time you are doing business with the Amazon Associates program. Merely being a member of the Amazon Associates US program does not mean that you supply your services both inside and outside the United States. You can retake the TAX information interview and answer the question as 'No' if you think you answered the question as 'Yes' in error.

    On Payoneer side, I recieved an email about the payment from Amazon but the amount is $0
    The money is still in my Amazon affilaite account unpaid.

    How to solve this payment issue? Thanks
  • zen99
    zen99 Member Posts: 3
    Hi Dan,

    This is what I received after contacting Amazon,

    We require that changes to your payment method be entered by the first of the month of payment to ensure it will be effective by the time we process payments. If we receive your request to change the payment after the first of the month, it will be effective at the start of the next month.

    Your payment method was updated on April 26, 2018. This means that your account balance will be paid out at the end of May, as the update was made too late to apply to April's payments.

    The $0.00 payment is usually processed when first verifying that your direct deposit information is accurate, and will fall off of your account automatically within three business days.

    We hope to see you again soon.

    According to them, I updated my payment method too late... so I need to wait until end of May to receive my first payment.

    Thanks Dan