I'd love payoneer working with vpscash

Vpscash is a Dutch Adult Company that has been on the market for quite a long time. The problem with them is that they only pay through wire and their minimum payout is 2,50 euros. For their country is fine. But can you imagine how will an international webmaster be able to get an international payment order of 2,50? So every month I have to remind them to keep the payment on hold till it reaches 100 euros, this way is worth it to get a payment order from them. It would be really great to have such a nice company teamed up with payoneer or at least that we could put as our bank account the international one that payoneer granted to some of us affiliates that don't have such high taxes, then it would be worth receive less amounts of money at a time. Here in my country they get more or less 40 or 50 dollars as fee for every payment order from abroad I get.




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    Hi Katy,


    We'd be more than happy to contact them about how they can use our payout solutions. If you have a point of contact that you can refer me to, please send me a PM or e-mail with their details and I'll reach out to them ([email protected])

    Director of Community at Payoneer
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