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Received new card, activated it, but Payoneer has switched banks and Funds can't be transferred

nonnb Member Posts: 1
I've been with Payoneer for several years, and recently received a replacement card, and have activated it. I still have some funds on my old card.

When this has happened previously, the funds automatically transferred across to the new card.
However, this year, I was told that I must withdraw all my funds before 31 May.

Payoneer apparently can't do this this time because Payoneer has changed banks (see support transcript below).

Is there another way for me to transfer, e.g. set myself up as a payee and transfer funds that way?
I'm concerned that the tax authorities may see this as additional income, when it isn't.


[02:35:16 AM]Sasa: It is because both of the cards are from different banks that is why the funds did not move to your new card
[02:35:27 AM]Sasa: You will need to use the old card to withdraw all the funds
[02:35:52 AM]Sasa: Because Payoneer has changed card issuing bank, that is why new card was ordered for you


  • mewtwo
    mewtwo Member Posts: 1
    Have you gotten any solution yet?
    It would be impossible if someone's card had been lost