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ATM Fees

charlie566 Member Posts: 1
I know that Payoneer charges $3.15 when you withdraw money from your account using an ATM. But where is this shown when you look at a transaction on the Payoneer dashboard? Is it included in "Transaction Amount" or is it included in "Fee"?

Anyone have any knowledge on this?

I'd assume "fee", but if so, the currency conversion rate (set by Mastercard) is adding 5% to the mid-market rate, which doesn't sound right. It should only be about 0.3%, I believe.

Example, from a withdrawal of 2000 Thai Baht I made last year when the exchange rate was 35 Baht to the US dollar:
Transaction Amount: $60.24
Fee: $10.36
Total amount: $70.60
(Using the mid-market rate on that day, 2000 baht should have cost me $57.08. The difference between that, and the actual transaction cost, was $3.16, which is why I was wondering if Payoneer's fee is included in the transaction amount).

It would also be nice if the Payoneer dashboard broke down all the fees, and showed the conversion rate being used.


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