Incoherent exchange rates and log in issue

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Hello to all,

I've had a problem today, while transfering money to my banking account. The exchange rate was around 3,47 BRL/USD, but my boyfriend did the same a few minutes before and his exchange rate was 3,52 BRL/USD. The current official exchange rate today (05/10/2018) is around 3.56BRL/USD. It's really upsetting how it's impossible to even estimate what is going to be the Payoneer exchange rate everytime and I want to know from you the reason about it.

Also, I've had issues while logging into my Payoneer account. Even though I'd wrote my password corretly, typing carefully, it keeps blocking my account for definitely no reason. I use to log in to Payoneer once a month, just to transfer my payment and on the last 3 months I had to change my password to be able to log in.

I'm waiting for solutions or explanations for both cases.



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    Hi @gabicavalcante We understand your point, however, you have to know that the exchange rate changes every single minute and is based on MasterCard rates.
    You will be able to get an estimate by using the Mastercard Currency Conversion Tool