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Withdrawal of Amazon Associate earnings to Payoneer

Jacob071 Member Posts: 2
I got to know about associates using payoneer to withdraw their earnings from their amazon associate account, but when I tried to do the same by adding my US account details to the '**Pay me by direct deposit**' option, I didn't see anything in my account even after the **payment choice was confirmed**.
Upon enquiry from amazon, they informed me that the process was unsuccessful because my '**payee address was not from the united states**'. I saw some discussions and on one, the payoneer members told to ask amazon customer care for help due to their good relationship with them.
Upon trying that, the customer help told me that **payment by direct deposit or any other electronic method was not available to international associates**.
What options do I have left now to use payoneer to receive my earnings?


  • Jacob071
    Jacob071 Member Posts: 2
    I successfully received my earnings after almost a month than what it usually takes Amazon to transfer the amount to a US based account. No settings changed whatsoever.