What can I do about this? I really need it.

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Hello, I've been trying to apply for the Payoneer MasterCard from Myanmar. On the first step, my name was valid. On the last step, after I've filled my ID number, I had to fill the name and city again. But when I type it, it says I had to use a valid name. I typed exactly what I typed on the first page. I tried it with my local language also. But it still didn't work. Could you guys tell me what's wrong? Thank you.


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    Same problem bro. It seems payoneer does not support Myanmar. I went to apply for Bank transfer and when I try to fill my NRC number it says to use a valid ID. I finally got it working with my passport number and then when I try to choose a bank the option to choose the country"Myanmar"is just not there. Hope the people from payoneer see this and fix this problem.
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    Hi there! Payoneer do support Myanmar so it seems like this is a technical issue, what is the currency of the bank account details you entered during the registration process?

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    @Kaung_Myat I hope so, too. More and more jobs with Payoneer as only option are promoting in Myanmar now.
  • ChanNyeinLwinChanNyeinLwin Member Posts: 3
    @Cristale_Payoneer Since I'm applying for the Payoneer MasterCard from One Hour Translation, I don't really need to fill in the bank account details.As I mentioned earlier, I have to fill four steps and the last step shows that my name and city are invalid. It happened under the title of "shipping address in local language". I hope you will solve the problem for us Myanmar. Thanks.
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    Dear @ChanNyeinLwin It sounds like it is a technical issue, but we unfortunately do not have the tools to assist you with this issue on the forum. In order to assist you completing your registration, please contact the support center directly and provide them with a screenshot showing the error message you received.

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