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Withdraw through a correspondent bank


I reside in Yemen. I want to be sure that I can withdraw my money from Payeneer to my local bank account which has the swift code TIBKYESAXXX. The issue is that the staff of the bank told me that the bank is receiving money through a USD correspondent bank with a swift code of BKCHCNBJXXX (i.e not directly). Is that process possible? They provided me also with an intermediary bank with a swift code of CITIUS33XXX.

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  • SvenBerglund
    SvenBerglund Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
    Oh, how I would love to get the answer to this question also, Ive been communicating with Payoneer support now for more than 24 hrs and still struggling with getting the support people to understand the question.
    The question is basically: Can Payoneer support SWIFT payments with specified intermediary (SWIFT fields 56A, 57A, 59)?
    Will update this thread when/if I get any wiser about this...