Can I sell my Bitcoin and get payd via payoneer? If not why, can you show me the policy it violates?

RebecaOAMRebecaOAM Member Posts: 1
I have done some serious research through payoneer policy, and didn't found anything specific about bitcoin. But if bitcoin is a commodity (coin is just the name) and not a currency, because no currency definition fits to bitcoin. what does it make Bitcoin different than other digital product that deserves to have a restriction to be sold ?


  • TamaraqTamaraq Member Posts: 1
    El caso es que si recibo dinero producto de la venta de alguna Cryto moneda, y la tengo en un monedero virtual, como por ejemplo Blockchaing, ¿Puedo realizar la transferencia desde ese monedero a mi cuenta en Payoneer?
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