Beneficiary Name???

Hello, I live in the Mexico-US borderland (Juarez, MX) and I am the owner of a property that I am going to rent to an american company. This company can only pay me on a US account, so I’ve created a payoneer account since I dont have any US bank account. I’ve provided them the banking info for they to perform the ACH transfer, but they told me that their bank wont let them issue a payment with a Beneficiary name of an individual (me), instead, the beneficiary name should be fill with a company name. What can I do??? Can they issue the payment to my account and set “Payoneer” as the beneficiary name instead of m name???


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    Hi, we're glad you came here, and we hope that we got to explain this to you in time.
    As a rule of thumb, we don't provide payment solution for real estate rentals. We focus on freelance and seller market places.
    In that case, what you are looking for may be an actual banking solution that is tailor made for your real estate activities.

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    Thank​ you.
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