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Hello there, I have something in my account that I don't understand. Therefore, I wanted to ask can I withdraw funds with another card that I will order? So, I have a card in my account more than one. Because I didn't get the card I ordered before. Can I withdraw funds from my account with another card? There is no money in my another card that I ordered while the funds is on my previous card.
Please, I would be glad if you help me with this subject. Thanks for your helps and support as always.


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    Could you please tell me what are the 200 countries in which Payoneer either operates or can link to a local bank account? I want to be able to transfer any excess funds on the card into my local bank account in Azerbaijan. (Not use it to load my Payoneer card.)

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    Yes Sir, the funds are on my online account at the moment. How can you help me in this regard? I want withdraw a funds with another debit card.

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    I want to let you know this is not the subject. Can I be able to transfer funds on the card into my local bank account in Azerbaijan? Therefore, could you please tell me which countries are supported from company for this function ?

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