Request Payments Take Too Long To Reach Customer

usamanaseer1997usamanaseer1997 Member Posts: 6
I been sending request payments from last few months and all was good but now it started getting something wrong that is before when i send request for payment it just takes less than a min and boom they got the email for payment request but i notice from last few weeks whenever i request payment it takes more than 5 to 7 min to reach customer mail box and my mail box too its really bad impression in 2018 no one wanna wait even 5min so they start keep asking we haven't got invoice etc cuz they online with me whats going on with this anyone knows?


  • usamanaseer1997usamanaseer1997 Member Posts: 6
    hey yes i keep happening today i sent other invoice and it took same amount of time 7mins would you please look into this issue you can also confirm from other users if they face the same problem
  • usamanaseer1997usamanaseer1997 Member Posts: 6
    i have very fast internet which gives me 12MB download speed but still its very late to reach mail box to customer and mine
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    Would you like to contact us directly so we can get the relevant details to investigate with our technical operation team.

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