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Unable to Add Bank Account

Asadullah Member Posts: 3
Hello Community,

Recently I closed my old bank account and initiated a new one - I had to do so due to some Bank Policies -. Therefore, I deleted my old bank account from my Payoneer account and tried to add a new account.

I am filling every detail quite properly in the fields. As soon as I submit, It gets me back to the ' Account Details ' Area. No any error message, no any wrong thing filled, no any red mark, popup or anything. It just gets me back to the Account Details Area. I can not figure out what is actually wrong. Thus, I require your help in providing me its way out. It is very urgent as I have to transfer my funds.

What I think causing it is that, The ' Account Detail ' Area contains only 3 fields;
Bank Name:
Account Name:

BUT at the top right side when I open ' Bank Account Registration Guide ', It shows I have to fill 4 fields.
Bank Name:
Account Name:
Swift/BIC Code:

Image: Eh! unable to paste link to the image. If you need, I can provide in PM.

However, In the form, Swift/BIC code field is not available. I really need support of you here. Waiting for the reply! Will be thankfull to you for your help! :)


  • Asadullah
    Asadullah Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2018
    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your concern towards my post.

    Yes, I was also in direct touch with customer care team. Along with that I created this post to get quicker response. And, I am thankful to the Payoneer customer care team for resolving my issue with in 48 hours.

    Solution: after contacting customer care, They asked me the documents of my new bank acc. As soon as I provided, They added my bank acc in my Payoneer Account. :smile:

    You may now mark this post as solved/answered.