[Tunisia] Is it possible to send money from payoneer to currency account in Tunisia ?

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Hello, i'm a foreigner living now in tunisia. I have a currency account (that's mean the account is international) then i want to know if it is possible to send money from my payoneer account to my currency account ? thanks

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    Hi there,

    Are you asking if you can register for a Payoneer account in Tunisia and withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account in Tunisia? If so, yes, but please note that you will need to provide a government issued ID and possible further information that correlates with Tunisia documentation in order to verify your account.

    Also note that we only support the withdrawal of funds from a Payoneer account to a bank account set to receive USD or EUR only for account holders in Tunisia.

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    Yes! i have already a payoneer account ! I made a transfer from my fiverr account to my payoneer account(the operation will be effective tomorrow)...then i want to transfer later money from my payoneer account to my bank account in tunisia... my bank account is international one...my bank told me i can receive money from the international, i just have to give my International Bank Account Number... so i don't know which "government issued ID" i have to provide...but if you need some informations related to my bank or account i can provide it...for the "government issued ID" please explain me a bit, i don't know what it is...!!!
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    A copy of your passport is a government issued ID, as an example.

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    ok i understand! so from where i have to send those documents ? from my payoneer account ?
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    May 27, i received this mail from payonerr

    Your payment from Fiverr is being processed.

    Your payment should arrive within 3 business days. Payments processed at the end of the day or outside office hours are usually credited within 4 business days.

    today June 1, payment still processing ! how many days take payment processing ?
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