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1% fee on US POS transaction

cmrv Member Posts: 1
I just noticed that me recent online purchases on US merchants incur additional 1% fee.

For example, I have a monthly online subscription worth $31.99 but the amount that reflects on my Payoneer statement is $32.31. Same scenario applies to my other online transactions in US. For other online POS transactions paid in US$ have no issue.

My questions are:
1. What are these fees for? And who gets these fees? Payoneer, Mastercard or other?
2. Why this happen on certain merchants only?
3. My computation is always 1%, could it be higher than this?
4. Why the merchants involved in this issue are not aware of such fees when I ask them?

Hope someone could enlighten me on this. I contacted customer service already and I was advised to contact merchant. I asked merchant and they suggested to contact my credit card issuer as they are not aware of these extra fees.

Thanks a lot!