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Username & Password Strange Behaviour

MitchGIntB Member Posts: 2
Hi, I'm experiencing all sorts of weird behavior with my new account. First of all, I can't login into payoneer at login.payoneer.dotcom. If I use the username I signed up with 'MitchGIntB' and click 'forgot password' the login screen says it sent an reset email to some other email address that isn't mine and an sms notification to some random number that isn't mine. If I use my email address as the username to reset my password, nothing comes through to my email.

The only way I was able to log back into my account was to click the original 'confirm your email address' email I got when I signed up for my account. Additionally, how do I changed the name I used of MitchGIntB I signed up with when registering because it looks like someone else has that exact same Username as I can gather from when I tried to reset my password with that name and it sends it to some other address that isn't mine. When I click edit profile, the field to change this name is greyed out.

Thanks in advance.


  • MitchGIntB
    MitchGIntB Member Posts: 2
    Don't worry about the topic above. I'm sorted out, I just can't find any way to delete or edit my post.