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Why pre topicalize chat and send message function to the extreme that you have ??


I tried to open a chat but it was next to impossible and I really needed to chat.
All of those topics I get to choose from and the sub choices I MUST fill in makes the chat function completely useless to me. I need to start from my perspective and use my words when I ask a question.
In my opinion this is not support. So I will never try to use anything related to that again.

I will phone you up tomorrow but it almost seems easier just to start to use cryptocurrencies instead of the payoneer platform which seems very rigid and unsmooth.


  • mix624
    mix624 Member Posts: 5
    Hi Dan,

    I wanted to chat because it makes all my questions come out that I need to ask.

    I want to use payoneer for many different reasons since I understand that I can get income from many different places when freelancing (fiverr, clickbank, companies etc).

    But now I need money from someone who never owned a computer and/or a "smartphone" and refuses to use it. The person can lift the phone and place bank wire orders but I want it via payoneer. I dont know how payoneer actually work and dont get very clear on that reading your website.

    And since the website quite poorly explains the process by directly linking me to the signup page I wanted to chat to find out more specific details. The "Learn More" button at the bottom of the international payments page is mute/nothing happens when clicking on it. I was not allowed to post links because I have not been around in the forum to long or else I would have.

    I just get confused by your information and dont really know what you mean. Yes, in the general sense yes...but why even start with something if I cannot even evaluate the effort and steps involved with everything ? To me it seems very stale and stiff system to use.

    Can someone who dont use computers send money to my payoneer account/card ?

    How does the registration process look like ? What long neverending documents needs to be filled in ? What do a payer need to provide ? Passport etc...I am tired of limited information and then not being able to use your chat since you limit access to it if it is not a subject open to chat since then "ALL" my questions will be answered by the "allmighty" knowledge base/faq.

    Can a company registered in Cyprus pay me via payoneer ? I saw the first step a company needs to go through to sign up, what is the second, third and foruth ? I know it says contact, security details and almost done...but what exactly ??

    Also the security questions I am asked to add for my own account there is no option that suits me. I made another question about that in the forum but got no answer yet and will not get one I am sure. I am talking about security questions first dogs name or my first school teachers name or whatever...but none of them works for me. Would be great with an option to create one myself.