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I've been having a bad experience

_douglas Member Posts: 1
On June, 5th I received a payment for programming services rendered. The reason I chose to use Payoneer was that it seemed convenient and cheaper than the alternatives.

The first requirement was to fill out a form explaining the nature of the business, which took much longer than I expected because it didn't allow apostrophes in the message and asked for English-only without making it clear they don't consider apostrophes English. Everyone knows apostrophes are an important part of English. So after I'd finished replacing all the I'm, I've, etc to I am, I have, I was able to submit the info. A small annoyance I thought. So far so good.

Then I received a message asking for more information to which I replied I was helping to make a website and attached the working contract. The next day I followed-up and tried talking on the chat. Guess what? You wait for half an hour watching a countdown timer that actually goes up! When your turn is coming the system shows a message saying there are no operators available.

I don't attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence and since Payoneer is a big company, these things happen. So today I put on my patience hat and tried again just to discover the exact same message after the wait.

Now I'm very disappointed with my experience because I'd like to receive this payment this week, if Payoneer rejected the transaction that would be fine, I could just receive through other means; if they approved it, even better. What I can't stand is waiting indefinitely trying to reach a support person that can solve this quickly. All that's left is to interact with machines that don't solve the problem.

Why can't they just pick up the phone, give you a call asking the questions and solve it quickly?