please let me know the complete procedure of receiving money.

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I have ordered my payment request from payoneer, payoneeer sent me email that I will receive money in my account within 3-4 business days but I am not sure why am I not receiving money in my local bank?


  • Saba_AbbasiSaba_Abbasi Member Posts: 5
    Why am I not receiving money in my bank account? Its been more than 4 business days but I couldn't receive money from my bank, I was supposed to receive two payments since 5th June? Please let me know if I am skipping any part of procedure.
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    yes I received email that it will reach my bank account within 3-4 business days, and just an hour ago i found that I have received one payment but one another payment is still due that i requested before this one. its payment id was 78080219, please let me know have that payment been sent or not
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    No I have contacted one hour translation company which was supposed to pay me, but they are showing my statement cleared and i had also received email from payoneer about that payment that it will be transferred,,,now i have received second payment but not the first one which was cleared on 31st may, its payment id is 78080219, and that payment I have received today its payment id is 78573897
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    It was my first transaction and it was $59.52, I am not sure if payoneer have cut my $9 charges from it along with the $3 dollar charges for transfer,making it less than $50, I was not sure what minimum amount u can receive after paying all fees and charges, please let me know how can I get it cleared now
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