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payment under review since 4 days, support staff only being rude and unwilling to help

argo Member Posts: 2
edited June 2018 in Ask The Community
since saturday i try to get a payment from a client that is held back by payoneer.
on saturday they wrote to send in a copy of my ID (again as theey asked that before).
so i promptly sent it in, then i first got told something like "thanks for sending the requested documents, your account will remain fully functional" however they payment didnt go through and after that i completely get ignored. all my questions unanswered and a few days later i get another email to send in more data. so i did that and after providing the documents i'm being ignored again. under "my requests" in my account there are 2 tickets open that just get ignored completely. i opened the 2nd one and without reply it has just been closed as "resolved" by the staff. so i tried the support chat, but that obviously is just some outsourced staff that doesnt know and doesnt care. they just provide copy+paste text and cant help with any specific problems. one of that staff even lied to me saying he can speed up the review process but in order to do that he would have to close the chat (i knew its bs, he just wanted to get rid of me). so i opened another chat and that person told me its not possible to speed up the process, so the previous support guy was just lying to me. well and the 2nd one disconnected me when hee was out of excuses. just dropped the chat and ignored all my questions. terrible support seriously your live chat is completely useless!

so when do i get my money ?????? what is left to do than compare the documents i've sent you with my data. why is that taking 4 days? i mean you send me a mail on saturday that it can take up to 2 business days. you work on saturday to hold back money, but you dont work on saturday to resolve the issues you cause!!! i would get it if it was my fault, but you just decide to hold back money for no reason and then dont even care to resolve the issue, you delay it for 4 days and let your customer wait and possibly get problems, because of your unprofessional behavior!
i have this account since years and never had issues like that, but i know for sure that i will tell all my customers to preferably use paypal to pay me and only use payoneer as last resort.
your support staff is really unprofessional and your review process very unfriendly and annoying!


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    We are truly sorry to hear about this thank you for bringing your experience to our attention. We would like to personally assist in resolving that issue. We have just sent you a private message, please reply back and we will do our best to assist.

  • MohamedIssa
    MohamedIssa Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2018
    Dear Payoneer staff.

    I Have A Payment received on the 1st and i have been trying to contact you Guys through the chat support and always saying its in approval.
    The reason why i use payonner because its fast and reliable, if this the case i would use paypal or my regular bank
    I am so upset because payment has been in delay, and my websites has shut down due to non host payment, i kept asking to please help, but no help
    I am losing hundred of dollars everyday my business is down,
    If you guys will delay more time, please refund the payment to my company and i will change the bank info and get it faster.
    Please help me out i am losing 100s of dollars

    Why my payment is pending, why you guys hold my money? This is not the 1st time i receive payment through and i got more than 30k -50k through you, so i am no new customer

    Honestly you guys caused me a drama and it keep going and going and i swear by GOD every hour count and i loss more the more you guys holding my payment.

    Please guys i don't need to stop using your services, because i like payoneer, but if this the case i can' risk losing money because you guys decided to put me in hold

    seriously i am sooooooo up set, because we going to Saturday and Sunday and its more lost i am the only one going to pay for it seriously i don't know what to say
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  • MohamedIssa
    MohamedIssa Member Posts: 1
    I am facing the same Issue, and already lost $300 to receive $600, I Don't understand why they do not make different between old and new customers, cause as old customer i relied on them to get paid on time, my payment been held since the 1st and GOD Know all my websites are suspended due to no payment, and so far i am losing at least a $100 a day and wow we going to Saturday and Sunday this another $200 thats mean if i got paid by Monday hopefully i lost $500 seriously it makes me super super super mad and thinking deeply, how to avoid such nonsense, a bank hold money to verify, even paypal do not do that
    PLEASE argo KEEP US UPDATED with whats going on
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  • alhaqehsan
    alhaqehsan Member Posts: 3
    My payment is under process for 1 month now please help. I have commented on other forums too but no response. This is bullshit. Transaction ID
  • famitsun2
    famitsun2 Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2020
    My Withdrawal still pending its been 20 day now !
    Anyone can help me how to contact them?