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Hi I have currently two pending payments from a source that has paid me many times over the last 18 months no issue. I received a verification email to provide additional info which I have done. I know I have other payments coming to my account in the next few days which are all going to be held. Please confirm how long I will have to wait as I would rather hold off on the payer sending anymore for those to be held also, I'll just request a check which is really inconvenient.

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    Hi @az123 We understand the situation and the inconvenience.

    But some payments are loaded slower than others because our company has to comply with the different rules and regulations implemented by the different institutions and governments we are working with by verifying the sources of the payments coming through our system. Which is also the reason why documents are often requested for verification. We have no way to predict the loading time of each payment, but of course, we are doing our best to improve our services in order to provide our customer with the highest standard of customer experience

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    I totally understand that you have to verify
    Payments from new senders. My issue is you do that with every payment I receive from this company for payment of services. So clearly it was OK for the last 18 months that I have dealt with them so it should be OK this time? Nothing has changed between then and now. I think once a payment is approved once to my account from a company it should automatically approve the next time. For some reason it does not.
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    OK thanks It would just have made more sense surely to check and verify after the first payment not after a year and a half of me dealing with that company. I hope the payments are released in to my account today.
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    Thank you for the understanding @az123 , and I believe that the considerations of whether or not to check a payment depends on other rules.

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    @az123 how long did you wait for review?
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    I'm using Payoneer for year now and I was very satisfied with service... until this month. I have payment on pending since 11. may and still no changes. I called support 3 times and I didn't get any information's about what is problem. Whats going on?

    PS. Please do not refer to support center, because I always get same answer, wait for few days more....
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