Harassment From Payoneer

I had made a payment request on 5 June 2018. The payment method was Master card/ Debit card to my Payoneer. After too much drama the payment has declined on 18 June. Request ID: 2613887 It took 13 days there. I contacted help many times. They told me the payment would be refunded to the payer. When the payer didn't get refunded I contact again for help. They told me It is causing for the payer card issue. They suggested my payer to contact with bank or card issuer it was card problem. Ok fine, I do the same. My client has already contacted his bank they told him there is no problem. Payoneer doesn't refund him yet. It has been more than 19 days I didn't get my payment neither my payer gets the refund. I don't think it's your business policy.

Another poor service From payonner:
I was requested to upload my identity or documents again. (note: I have been using Payoneer account for more than a year, this is my verified account) Fine, I provided many times in live chat and email help. The funny thing is they are not able to verify my documents only because of Bengali Language. But I provided what my government provided to me. It has been at the same time, they are still unable to verify my documents yet. How lazy they are!
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