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I cant receive my card.

I was directed to Payoneer through RTTAX to collect my tax returns.
i ordered my card and set my address to my home country, Jordan thinking the card will be shipped via DHL.
Now, it's really difficult to receive a shipment to jordan through regural mail, it takes too long and you cant track it.

In order to re ship the card via DHL, i need funds in my wallet which for some reason i CANNOT add any?!
A company can ony add funds to my wallet which is not possible for me right now.

I decided to change my shipping to address to a locker i own in the united states which then i can ship the card through DHL from my locker.
I was asked to give a proof of residence, which i made clear that i do not live in the US and it's a locker address i was planning to ship it to not a residence address.

Now it seems impossible to receive my card.
Is there any solution for this problem?
And would it be possible to transfer the funds i am entitled to, to my bank account in the US instead of all that card hassle?


  • Danial_mz
    Danial_mz Member Posts: 3
    I tried to change my shipping address to my PO box but i suppose i didnt make it clear that it's a mail forwarding service.
    I will contact the customer care team and let you know how it turns out.

  • Danial_mz
    Danial_mz Member Posts: 3

    I have contacted RTTAX and informed them of the problem, they were kind enough to actually charge all the taxes i am entitled to into my Payoneer account.
    Now i can ship via DHL.
  • WAJIHA10
    WAJIHA10 Member Posts: 4
    hello Dan The tracking code for my card does not work Please help and I can not track my card (RS063136659DE) Thank you for your efforts and valuable time