why i can't see the ( refer a friend , withdraw, make new payment) options in my payoneer account

houssem213houssem213 Member Posts: 1
i don't have any of these options please help me


  • Bella_dedoyin37Bella_dedoyin37 Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Hello Dan,

    I've been a Payoneer user for almost 2 years now. I receive my freelancing earnings through Payoneer. I'm expecting some funand I noticed that I don't have the "Withdraw to Bank" option. Such option is available to my country, Nigeria as I know few people who have been able to use this option.
    Can you please advice and help upgrade my account to have the "Withdraw to bank" option. I look forward to your soonest response. Thanks

    My account ID: 18300557
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