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avattaravattar Posts: 1Member
Hello payoneer group
I am Ibrahim Syria citizen
I am living in Turkey because of war in my country
I did payoneer account at last Thursday and I got email to wait 3days
And after 4 days I got new email says I have to send my documents
I sent documents to payoneer
Later I got message say I.must send other documents not Syrian documents
I have question? If hot made me Syrian and this war killed about million of my people and if I left my home and my job and my family every one in place and after I was working petrol engineer there now I am working in restaurant normal worker for 14 hours
After all these things payoneer group say I have to send another documents for another nationality
How can I get this nationality if I have no rights.and if I am refugee and if I am Syrian...I needed this account to start new job but payoneer group closed this job
Thank you again and I am sorry


  • AAlakkadAAlakkad Posts: 2Member
    edited August 2018

    I've the same issue as Ibrahim, in Turkey the only way to establish an official residence is to hold a residency permit.
    Which I'm already providing, but you're not accepting it.

    US is banning you from dealing with Syria (as a country), not the Syrians.
    And we're living and working outside Syria, so all our transactions are being done outside Syria.

    What could we do to be treated as a human beings?
  • mohstarmohstar Posts: 1Member
    I have the same case here, I'm web developer freelancer, and I was your customer since 2014, as of many other Syrians i had to flee to Turkey as a refugee due to the never-ending war back in Syria.
    But -as what stated above- and for no logical reason, YOU ASKED ME TO PROVIDE LOCAL DOCUMENT OF RESIDENCE (which mean Turkish nationality) TO UN-HOLD AND REOPEN MY ACCOUNT!!!
    What the hell!!! I left no other possible document that I could send but has been sent to you!
    But after many following up with you, you explicitly mentioned that you want me to send the paper of different nationality!!!!! How the hell is possible for you to ask this question? If it's up to me I will get some; like one US, UK, and a Canadian passport to make sure not to face some racialist people/companies like yours!!!! Idiots...
  • EdwinPayoneerEdwinPayoneer Posts: 384Confirm Email, Member, Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @mohstar, @AAlakkad, and @avattar. I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have had using your Payoneer accounts. I assure you we have no intention of preventing you from using our services, in fact it is quite the opposite. We will always welcome your use and support of our platform. With this in mind, please try to understand that we are a US regulated payment company. This means that we have a specific set of document guidelines that we must follow to remain in compliance with our our regulators. If these are not met exactly as required, this leave us unable to provide you with our service. While we do wish to provide you with access to our services, we must fulfill our commitment to our AML, KYC, and OfAC regulations. I would invite you to contact our support team directly if you have any further questions about which documents can be provided to fulfill these requirements.

  • maysanshawamaysanshawa Posts: 2Member
    hi edwin , thank you for your reply can you provide us with the law ir regulations you are talking about. i've checked official syrian sanctions document and couldnt find any title, sector or sentance targeting normal individuals living outside syria. its mostly all about transactions done to syria or syrian companies.
    kindly reply back
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