Ordering a Payoneer Card

I started using payoneer and my payoneer account was approved however I want to order a card and can not do it because it says "You will be able to order a card once you have received 30 USD or the equivalent." Firstly, the problem is that how am I supposed to have money in my payoneer account before beginning to sell anything on Amazon.
Secondly, on Amazon I'm expected to give my payoneer account details to be able to start selling and I can't give any details because I don't have a payoneer card. Where can I find the info needed for Amazon regarding the payoneer account details?
Thanks alot


  • tinaloverbabytinaloverbaby Member Posts: 2
    Same here i can't get a card cause i need have 30USD on my account that option makes no since
  • gouyezgouyez Member Posts: 5
    I have 50 USD balance in my account, and i still see this msg "You will be able to order a card once you have received 30 USD or the equivalent" when i try to order a card.

    I don't know what to do!
  • gouyezgouyez Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2018
    Yes, it was sent from another Payoneer user
  • EddyeduardoEddyeduardo Member Posts: 2
    i have the same problem, and i don´t find a human support from payoneer.
    Did you solve this problem?
  • shushu Member Posts: 2
    The same problem. I can't find dicision. Any help?
  • gouyezgouyez Member Posts: 5
    No, I did not!
  • gouyezgouyez Member Posts: 5
    Customer ID: 15202600
  • gouyezgouyez Member Posts: 5
    Yes please.
  • gouyezgouyez Member Posts: 5
    Would it solve this problem, if i receive funds from an external source, ( a CPA network for exemple ) ?
  • GeraldoGeraldo Member Posts: 5
    How can I receive funds from someone, please?
  • GeraldoGeraldo Member Posts: 5
    If I receive $30 USD dollars in my account, how many days will I take to receive my card?
  • GeraldoGeraldo Member Posts: 5
    I have the same problem, but if I got MasterCard number I could start doing something very important...
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