Payoneer live chat doesnt work and always unavailable.WHY?

Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
Hello! During 5 days i am unable to connect with your LIVE chat service thought you site says it works 24 hours a day(except some days).I have found on your forum that i am not the only person who cant contact Payoneer through you live chat. Why this happens? How can i contact your organization just through LIVE chat? I have such type of questions that i need just LIVE and real time assistance.Please help me with this question. Do not suggest me to call on your line or to ask community or to send email.If you have LIVE CHAT it must be LIVE chat, if this option is disabled and not working any more then remove this link(link to live chat)
please and do not confuse all your customers.Thank you! Kind regards! Helga


  • Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
    Hello, Dan! My question was no 4 digit pin code. Thank you for suggesting me your help, i have already found answers to my questions, using this firum. I have the only one question now)) Will you returnlive chat option in future? Thank you)
  • Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you a lot, Dan!
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