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Phishing email

I want to warn everyone that my brother and I are getting phishing emails from hackers.

They are sending emails saying ''you have a pending Payoneer payment - further action is required'' and It says amount $240.00 and a random fake ID number and then a link. If you open the link it will take you to a sign in page similar to payoneer and there they get your email and password and hack your account.

I want to warn everyone and create awarness because if my brother and I got these emails and we both have different payoneer account then it means that many people are getting these malicious emails! I think there is massive attack from hackers to payoneer users. I think if we all join forces we can catch this hackers and send them to jail where they belong. Remember people these are criminals and we should treat them as such.

I would suggest that payoneer implements a two step verificación when logging in that way even if they have your email and password they won't be able to get in.