Your balance in USD has been disabled. Please, contact us for more details.

josexaleynanjosexaleynan Member Posts: 1
After receiving some payments from workana I have tried to send money to a client, my account says the following: "Your balance in USD has been disabled, please contact us for more details." And this for all my balances, >:( I'm really annoyed by this situation, I've lost customers because of it, call customer service and they do not tell me anything about it, it was only under review and that in a day it should be solved, it has already been A WEEK and remains the same, customer service does not tell me more than that, I have sent emails and nothing >:( because of me I lost money and good customers, at least have the decency to inform me what happens, and even more, have the decency to solve my problem, that each day that passes hurt my business more, and I make them directly responsible to payoneer for the clients that I have lost >:(
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