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my card is blocked and i have pending payment

one_studio Member Posts: 8
edited July 2018 in Ask The Community
i really wan't to know how you are do this payoneer this is real money we don't play games with this money and we have urgent situation because of this we use this service to make transferring our money easy and you make it so hard . how can you block my card without any mail or any reason? i'm here use payoneer for 2 years and spend a lot of money with this account , today i receive a payment and i need it i open my account and i found my card blocked and my payment is under review and this is open ha , how can i know now when i will use this money ?? why it's under review and this is not first time to use payoneer and why i must to wait until monday to call anyone from your support i transfer the money to payoneer becouse i need to use it not to hold it , this is really very bad and shame you should respect us more than that


  • svishal121
    svishal121 Member Posts: 2
    It is saying that transactions that have not affected your balance yet but my balance is being deducted what the problem here??
  • one_studio
    one_studio Member Posts: 8
    please i have same problem tell me what happen with you and how you received your payment
  • one_studio
    one_studio Member Posts: 8
    yes i have payment from another payoneer user it's for 510.20 USD

    Transaction ID

    and Estimated load date (EST)
    07/07/2018 06:58

    please help i need this money
  • one_studio
    one_studio Member Posts: 8
    payoneer please understand we have business and when you hold our money like this we have a big problem in our business i use payoneer to make my work easy why you make it so hard now
  • one_studio
    one_studio Member Posts: 8
    not resolved i'm not receiving the money yet it's the same problem
  • ProvideR
    ProvideR Member Posts: 3
    I have an issue with some upcoming transaction (pending payment). This is the first time I have trouble paying with my card. I already opened case (Reference Number: 180807-009609 My Customer ID: 23612952), but nobody is answering to me. I just want to ask you to cancel this payment and to release the amount back to my account. I tried to contact online service, but I am stuck in position 35 all the time, so you are my option to solve it fast.
    I placed order in, but the seller canceled the order at the first moment, so I do not want to block my fresh amount in the card.

    Thank you in advance!