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payment under review

xpshahana Member Posts: 1

my client payment send 11/06/2018 today is 7/7/18 but still my payment under review. please give me solution.


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    Hi @xpshahana ! What was the method of payment used to have it transferred to your Payoneer account? Did you contact the support? Usually, it happens when more information is required from you or your client and because is was not provided so the payment is pending.

  • Bella_dedoyin37
    Bella_dedoyin37 Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Hello Cristale,

    I have somewhat similar issue and need some answers as it is saddening and frustrating that I keep getting automated responses from Payoneer customer Account Approval department without any of the team considering or trying to provide tangible explanation or responses to my questions.

    I have been using Payoneer since 2016 as a freelancer and my card is linked to Fiverr to receive funds. I registered with my National ID Slip and it was approved. Recently, on Friday, I initiated a payment request to a customer and I got paid and Payoneer then requested I submit documents in order to process my payments and attain functionality of my account within 7 days or it will be suspended. Later on the emails I get just say to send documents "ASAP"

    A government-issued photo ID is requested and I sent my National ID (which I used to register the account) and I was asked to send additional documentation to which I sent my government-issued resident card but they're still requesting for additional documents without saying whether the documents I sent are acceptable or not.
    Note: I don't have a drivers licence and passport as it is lost as I got robbed and I haven't received a renewal.

    So I'll like to know:
    1. How long do I need to provide an additional document before my payment gets processed or my account gets suspended?
    2. Will my account be temporarily suspended until I provide additional document or will be permanently blocked?
    3. What will happen to my payment that is pending? Will it be held by payoneee or refunded to the client? And when will it be refunded?
    4. Is there a time concession that can be given for me to provide the additional document as it will take up to a week or two to get my new passport.
    5. If my account gets suspended, how long will it be suspended for and can I re-activate it once I provide the document.

    I will appreciate a response to the above questions in such order, as the Account Approval team hasn't answered me and have only been sensing me automated responses and its weekend and I can't have a live chat with anyone. I need your kind response in order to know what next step to take as I'm confused and I need my hard earned funds for urgent needs.