Global Payment Service, Account in EURO.

Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
Hello! 2 people sent me payments, money was sent 07/07/2018 and 09/07/2018, both people sent me payments from Germany using my Global Payment Service detaills which i sent them in message. My current EURO balance is 0 now.When these 2 payments will reach my payoneer account? Do you see these payments in your system? Your live chat doesnt work, help me please to sort this problem out.Thanks! Regards! Olga


  • Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
    Why your free telephone line for US cunstomers doeant work if to dial it through skype? Some time ago it worked normally but now it says that there is no connection
  • manokoopermanokooper Member Posts: 6
    Do you have card? I once haven't got my money because my card was not activated. Also it took for me 3 working days to see it on my balance... Be little more patient you will receive them.
  • Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
    Hi! Thank you for the information!I had card and now its expired, but money can successfully arrive to payoneer account, so its not necessary to have card.Balance is zero now.If this can take a few days while money appears on balance its ok then.But its not ok that payoneer chat is unavailable constantly and they did not reply to my emails also.
  • Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
    Hello! Money arrived today, thank you! But now i have another concern how to refund a payment to the sender? I noticed that there are no details of the sender, only sender's name &surname.How send payments back to the sender in Payoneer system? Or this sender must try to request her money back through that payment system which she used to send me payment? In her case it was PayPal.Or its me who can send some request to Payoneer or to create a ticket to make a refund to the sender?Thank you! Kind regards! Helga
  • Helga555Helga555 Member Posts: 9
    Hello! I do not see payment details, when it was Pay Pal i see that payment was made through this systemt but now i se only senders'name and transaction ID. You see how uncomfortabce when your live chat doesnt work? I need to return this payment as quick as possible, sender is waiting this refund.Where to start to make this refund? Where to send this transaction ID and to request a refund to the sender? I was trying to call to your US support on your free tel line through skype but there was no reply, free line idoesnt work in skype though some time ago it worked normally.I sent 2 emails to your support during past 2 days but there is also no reply(
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