Request payment

MemoLeeMemoLee Member Posts: 3
I have already approved my identity and submitted questionnaire. I am working as a freelancer in Turkey. What else I need to do for request payment. Can you help me ? I have some friends having same problem. Want to help them too...


  • MemoLeeMemoLee Member Posts: 3
    He is at Turkey and trying to get paid from Dubai. The point is there is no payment request on our accounts.
  • MemoLeeMemoLee Member Posts: 3
    I just want to request a payment to make it easier. My question is how can I request payment. There is no issue with getting paid.
  • sbm92110sbm92110 Member Posts: 2
    I'm from Pakistan and am having the same issue.There is no payment request option under "Receive", and the Global payment option is a dead end. I've been told to request the payment manually but since I have the above problem, I don't know what to do?
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