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Request payment

MemoLee Member Posts: 3
I have already approved my identity and submitted questionnaire. I am working as a freelancer in Turkey. What else I need to do for request payment. Can you help me ? I have some friends having same problem. Want to help them too...


  • MemoLee
    MemoLee Member Posts: 3
    He is at Turkey and trying to get paid from Dubai. The point is there is no payment request on our accounts.
  • MemoLee
    MemoLee Member Posts: 3
    I just want to request a payment to make it easier. My question is how can I request payment. There is no issue with getting paid.
  • sbm92110
    sbm92110 Member Posts: 2
    I'm from Pakistan and am having the same issue.There is no payment request option under "Receive", and the Global payment option is a dead end. I've been told to request the payment manually but since I have the above problem, I don't know what to do?
  • radhananoti
    radhananoti Member Posts: 2
    I have same question, how to request a payment?
  • Elena_Payoneer
    Elena_Payoneer Member, Administrator, Moderator, VIP Member Posts: 535 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for showing interest in requesting payments with Payoneer! Here's how you can get started:

    1. Sign in to your Payoneer account.
    2. On the left-hand side of the main menu, click on "Get paid" and select "Request a payment."
    3. Add the details of the payer. You can either search for previous payers or pick from your three most recent payees that you've requested payments from.
    4. Fill in your payment request details: the amount, currency, payment description, and due date.
    5. If required, you can attach documents like your invoice or work contract.
    6. To ensure everything is accurate, you can preview the payment request.
    7. Finally, just click on "Send."

    Once your request is sent, we'll promptly send an email to your chosen payer with clear instructions on how to proceed with the payment.

    If you have any further questions or need assistance at any point, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're more than happy to help!