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Cancelling withdrawal

mariofreelancer Member Posts: 7
Hello there,

Good day ! I need to know the status of my withdrawal which i provided a wrong Bank Acct.
I just added my new Bank Acct. and need that money back so i can withdraw it on my new Acct.

Transfer ID


  • asriznet
    asriznet Member Posts: 0

    I did a withdraw to bank transaction and the status has changed to completed.
    It has been more than a week however my bank has not shown any recent transactions from payoneer.

    I did a check and found that I have entered wrong bank information before making the withdrawal.
    Since the transaction has completed, I have no way to cancel this transaction.

    I have since created a new bank account with the correct information, how can I get payoneer to reverse the previous transaction that should have failed in the first place because the bank information was wrong.

    I'm worried as the amount is more than $1K USD.

    Will Payoneer able to contact the bank to verify this transaction and reverse it back to my payoneer account so that I can redo the withdrawal using the correct information?
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    Hi @asriznet If the funds were sent to the wrong bank account, you should have received an email from the support to let you know the withdrawal was not successful, in that case, you will be ask to provide different bank account details and as soon as the funds bounce back to your Payoneer account, they will be reprocessed to the new bank account.

  • mariofreelancer
    mariofreelancer Member Posts: 7
    Hello Cristale_Payoneer ,

    Good day ! I also did same mistake that i provided a wrong bank acct. How long it takes to receive my money back to my acct. ? I keep asking on Help support but nobody answer it. Hopping this time to get some reply. I already added my new bank acct.

  • mariofreelancer
    mariofreelancer Member Posts: 7
    how to find that customer ID ?
    What about Transaction ID
  • mariofreelancer
    mariofreelancer Member Posts: 7
    hello dan ,

    Did you check my ID ?