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Hello , i have my last card is expired , and i'mn i freelancer in fiverr and i'm using you card as payment receiving method , the probleme i still receive payment to my expired card with this number digits : ********** , and my new card have zero dollars with this digits number :********** , please i have now 40usd in my expired card and as freelancer you are my only way to take my money , so please helps me to transfer the money from my old expired card to the new and also make my new card as receiving card from my fiverr payments , please it"s urgent to me because i need to pay someone and also i'm in bankruptcy ... best regards


  • Aladin00763Aladin00763 Member Posts: 5
    sorry i didnt know that but please resolve my probleme
  • Aladin00763Aladin00763 Member Posts: 5
    now my card is blocked please resolve my probleme just i want that and i need my money pleaaase
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