Removing the Random Payoneer Account on Upwork

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Hello everyone,

I'm a freelancer on Upwork and I was wondering how the payment system works. So I was creating an account on Payoneer for my Upwork account. But suddenly I couldn't finish my account and it closed. After 1-2 weeks, I got a notification on Upwork which says "Payoneer account has been added." I do not remember the password nor the e-mail for that account, so I need help on removing it from my Upwork account to add a new Payoneer account. I have contacted with Upwork Community, but also I need your help. I can provide the information of my account on Upwork to prove I'm the actual owner of it. Thanks for now!

Best Regards,
Halis M.


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    As I said, it is still there, but I do not remember the personal information of the account. However, it is linked up to my Upwork account right now. Thank you for replying!
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    I know the nickname was "meowyn" as I can see it on my Upwork account. And there are 2-3 e-mails I only use. I can share them with you if you consider it necessary.
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    Hi, Dan.

    As I said, since I can't log in to my account because of I do remember neither the e-mail nor the password, however, I found some determinations that can help you out.

    As you can see in the pictures, the e-mail and the phone number maybe can help you to find and delete the account. Also, we know the nickname of the account is "meowyn". I won't use the e-mail once again, so, you can do what it takes to find the account.
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    Sincere apologies, but unfortunately I couldn't understand what you really want from me. Could you explain what should I do exactly? Please, excuse my bad.
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    I think I found my ID number which is 27435183. But unfortunately, I couldn't find the reference number of my communications as you can see in the picture: Am I in the right place? I'm very new on Payoneer, so, please excuse my bad.
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    I think I couldn't have supplied enough information, but according to these informations, I think you will be able to find it easily. There are only 1-2 nicknames written as "meowyn". And mine is not even complete. I need your help to remove it. I really have to do it right now. Thanks again!
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