GovindaGovinda Member Posts: 2
I created my account on 4 July 2018 but still appears a message "Your USD Balance is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update within the next several business days."
I din't not get any email requesting for further information if needed. Due to waiting an update I can't use the Global Payment Service and I don't able to request my prepaid card.
Will these options appear when I received an update ? How long does it take to approve? Does it take more than one week? Generally it takes 3 business day but what is wrong my case?


  • GovindaGovinda Member Posts: 2
    Customer ID 27253173
  • shushu Member Posts: 1
    The same problem. But I created my accaunt 2 dayes later, 6 July 2018. Dan, can you help me? My customer ID 27283012.
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