Why i have not received payments still now?

avishekM_90avishekM_90 Member Posts: 2
Hi, i am avishek and i am new in payoneer. on 2nd July 2018 i requested a payment withdrawal of 240$ from fiverr by payoneer bank transfer method, but sill now no payments has arrived in my bank account. I have checked my payoneer account,, bank details are approved, and the transactions are approved on 2nd july 2018 and transaction made on 2nd july 2018 also. 3/4 business days are already gone, then where is my payment?

Can any one help me to solve this? payoneer support saying they are doing their best,,,,,, but i don't know when i'll get my payments.


  • GeraldoGeraldo Member Posts: 5
    I am waiting too...
  • mohamed_hamedmohamed_hamed Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    did u recieve the money ?
  • chibanichibani Member Posts: 7
    Hi Pioneer, I asked for the card and did not get it, and my account was not charged for $ 30 and there is no card request service ..?
  • chibanichibani Member Posts: 7
    Yes ، Deya already has an account
  • CyrilCyril Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I guess I'm gaving the same issue, transferwise sends me the money to my payoneer account of 167euro and transferwise confirmation email says that it should be on my payoneer on sept 6 but it hasn't posted on my payoneer account it's 7th now what should I do.
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